Los Angeles based OMEN Recordings is a record label founded in 2016 by AXKAN and Tanya Leigh, one which seeks to support the productions of innovative artists in electronic music while also organizing club events and tours designed to bring these artists greater exposure. Together the pair bring 30+ years of music business experience to the endeavor and are each accomplished artists in their own right, having released music on numerous international labels. The philosophy of OMEN is to support producers and DJ’s to release and perform their music without having to depend on the structure of major labels.

The live musical experience of the OMEN sound focuses on darker explorations of modern techno alongside influences from the analog past. However, club compatibility is a must to bring the emotional intensity to the dance floor. The intention is to build and develop our own catalog of talent by looking for artists who can truly deliver a new and unique sound. Strong principals are based around quality music infused with a spirit that will affect and change lives.

OMEN understands the needs of the changing industry. Technology is more accessible than ever and many people are making music; the issues now relate to a lack of guidance and understanding of the music industry; that is where OMEN seeks to fill the gap. The label uses cutting edge technology, advance marketing strategies, and top-tier mastering techniques to support artists with the best quality recordings and promotion. Initially OMEN is planning to distribute only vinyl releases, but it is also planning to support digital formats along with special promo products. OMEN is active online through its website and social media to bring dedicated fans and the techno community closer.